Hola! Hello! Willkommen!

Welcome to my small corner of the internet, thanks for coming. My name is Ignacio. I am a research-driven designer interested in exploring new user interfaces and the relationship between technology and culture.

Since January 2018, I have been collaborating as a brand, industrial, and product designer at GoCondor, an Argentinian tech startup dedicated to transforming cities into the natural habit of cyclists.

In February 2021, I finished a year-long international student exchange at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, where I got to experience its Innovation and Product Management program, hike up beautiful mountains, and work alongside kind and talented people.

In December 2021, I graduated from a five-year-long bachelor’s degree program in Industrial and Product Design at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in sunny Mendoza, Argentina. My degree project entailed an exploration of mobile user interfaces for measuring human comfort at home and the end-to-end conceptual design of a consumer IOT sensor kit. You can check my public-facing research here and request more information to me.

Do you have an interest in common, want to collaborate, or simply say hi? I am always open for a chat! Consider sending me an email ✉️. Both English and Spanish language suit just fine ー or German, if you have a little too much patience (I’m working on it!).

What I’m currently doing

I am always conducting short investigations to satisfy my curiosity. I approach these as an open process, allowing for collaboration and knowledge sharing. You are welcome to view or contribute on my Are.na ✶✶.

🌐 Delving into Web3

🛠 Looking at the implications of worldbuilding for Product Design

🧮 Reconsidering the why and how of self-quantification

📱 Thinking about how to make digital interactions more meaningful

📖 Reading “The Green Imperative: Ecology and Ethics in Design and Architecture” by Victor Papanek